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Returnal keep us constant work which leads us to explain how to destroy vines.

What are vines in Returnal?

These are a kind of lianas that tend to block the health points which makes them unable to be properly visible, they are the vines, precisely highly visible and very common elements in this game, in this sense, knowing how to destroy vines leads us to consider cutting them and for this it is essential to have a weapon, so pay attention because this may be interesting.
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    How to destroy vines in Returnal?

     Our first task is to progress a little in the story, this allows us to unlock an interesting and very useful weapon, which is nothing more than the "Atropia Blade", as this implies having already played a good amount, perhaps having killed a first time in the hands of a chief. Now, according to the frequency with which we die we will meet a particular type of enemy in a large room, here we do not necessarily have to fight against it, because it is possible to run towards the exit of the story in order to reach the correct room which usually has a large room with a crimson door inside.

    Another thing that we can observe in this room is a corpse on the ground, it is necessary to interact with it to find the "Atropiana Daughter", then we will see that the entrance will be blocked by a red barrier, so it is not possible to leave until having in our power the sword that is in the room.


     With your mind set on the sword it is necessary to consider:

     Destroy vines.
    Destroy red barriers.
    Cut the vines because they tend to hide HP and health improvements.
    It is necessary to find the crimson door because it will always be in each game and when we visit it for the first time we will get a dead alien.
    It is our task to loot the alien with a chance to find the Atropy Blade.
    Make use of the blade to cut the vines.

     In this sense, knowing How to destroy vines allows us to get an interesting weapon in Returnal.

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