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Find out how to get extra lives in this excellent and explanatory guide from Returnal.

What to know about Returnal?

Throughout this game death becomes inevitable, but if we want to maintain our progress for the longest playing time it is necessary to try to avoid it, certainly our character Selene sees how her integrity comes to be exhausted, which ends up causing death and for ends returns to the place where the accident occurred, now there is the possibility of accessing some artifacts, parasites and even an alien rebuilder, now we must seek to help us on how to get extra lives, now to have the details about it, you just have to follow the following content.

How to get extra lives in Returnal?

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    With the help of some resources it is possible that when we die we start in the precise place of death, for this we depend on the figure of the astronaut or the child's clock, which is ideal to continue our progress, the clock of the child is certainly weaker. Child, because when reviving does not offer much integrity, by stacking both artifacts it is possible to add more lives, through the events of the house both are unlocked, we can even see them in the world or in the manufacturers randomly, With the help of the parasites there is the possibility of withstanding some fatal blows, considering that this has a cost for the reduction of the maximum integrity once the parasites have been shed, but it turns out to be an interesting option in Returnal.

    In the case of the alien reconstructors we have that they reconstruct Selene when she is dying, but we depend on the ether and its operation corresponds to the biome where it is used, which indicates that when going out to the crimson moors this possibility is lost, the highlight is that despite not being resurrected in the same place of death, he comes to have all the objects that he had at the time of death, even the equipment that he had, something vital during any fight, managing in turn to make changes that can influence These combats, certainly the figure of the astronaut and the child's watch is ideal, because as for how to get extra lives we can use them through all the biomes and without presenting negative effects, now if we add it to a good integrity bar constituted we may have a promising career.

    Now that you know how to get extra lives, just do it and keep progressing at all times in a game as busy as Returnal.

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