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The search continues in Returnal and this allows us to tell you where to find the crimson key.

What is the crimson key in Returnal?

  As we progress in this game we are allowed to have the opportunity to get hold of certain necessary objects in this sense, the crimson key is a necessary element to unlock the portal door, specifically it will be what allows us to have the possibility of access to the second biome which are the "Crimson Stops".
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Where to find the crimson key in Returnal?

This wears is usually dropped by the boss Phrike who is nothing more than the first boss that we meet in the "Upper Ruins", our job is to defeat him and this fight is usually carried out in a room, so that defeating him will be necessary take the key and go to the room where we have entered to find the room.

There is the possibility of dying which makes it necessary to return to the room and take the key, the boss will not resuscitate, once with the key in our hand it is time to go to the room where we will see that the door is closed, So this is more of a portal that is inactive, in this sense, it is our task to activate it, for which we must take the crimson key near it in order to turn it into a biome change portal, because this simply allows us to move to another biome of the game, we proceed to enter with the peace of mind of knowing that this portal will remain open for as long as we are in the game.

 We can give this guide as a purpose about where to find the crimson key, in such a way that it is necessary to go into a search and fight against the first boss to get this necessary resource in Returnal.

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