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In the Returnal universe we have many tasks, one of them is How to beat Phrike and here we will tell you how to do it.

What to know about Phrike in Returnal?

It is the first boss that we will face in the game, which will test our growth to this point, certainly reaching this is not easy but when we are with him it is opportune to have the orientation of the movements and adequate strategies to defend ourselves, So that's when we rely on this guide to understand How to beat Phrike, we just have to visualize the content that follows, then let's do it.
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    How to beat Phrike in Returnal?

     There are some important aspects, among which we have that it is ideal to have our health to the maximum, have a sylphium ampoule and use the best weapon we have up to this point, they are factors that can make the combat more in our favor, in 3 Sometimes we have to lower the health of this boss if we want to achieve How to beat Phrike, for each health bar we have a different stage of combat, where changes in their attacks and strategies are seen, for the first one this shows 4 attacks, starting with the rain of blue bullets, which are simple to dodge despite the fact that there are a large number of them, you just have to go left or right, at the same time we can even shoot, the next attack consists of shots of purple balls towards the sky that end up falling in the form of rain, if we position ourselves in the center we will not have problems, then we will run towards it, we will see that his third attack consists of red balls that he will shoot directly at me No matter where we are, they are certainly something difficult to dodge, but if we are distanced we will have possibilities to do so, now his last attack of this stage is a laser beam that leaves his face in our direction, we must use the dodge to get out unharmed .

     Once we are in the second stage of this combat in Returnal we have that his attacks are practically the same, only that he will attack melee, which has its complexity to predict, it is ideal that we be attentive to his hands and movement, if we managed to dodge its melee attack we can counterattack with something of the same type as the atropy blade, when we enter the third stage it will use the laser beam towards the ground, causing a shock wave, the use of purple balls He will also do it with a pattern on the ground, it is certainly simple to be among these, considering all these aspects at some point we will end up beating him, always our strategy must be on the defensive and take shots at the right times.

     In this way we finish our Returnal guide, now you know how to beat Phrike, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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