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Returnal brings a lot of action for us, and it allows us to tell you how to use Malignant Containers, let's see.

What are Malignant Containers in Returnal?

These are simply a kind of chest that usually has rewards for us, in such a way that knowing how to use the evil Containers leads us to carry out some searches considering that these can lead to a malfunction of the suit, however, and despite the These risks are often necessary and cannot be overlooked.
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    How to use Malignant Containers in Returnal?

    Before proceeding to carry out the work itself, it is necessary to consider:

    Assess the risk: not all malignant containers usually have the same level of risk, some may be more complex than others, there are “Moderate” risk and “Very High” risk containers, each of them has its peculiarities.

    •  Malignant moderate risk containers: these can cause us damage that we can eliminate by completing certain objectives during the tour.
    • Malignant very high risk containers: these can destroy any piece that we have, which implies that if we have an object that we do not want to lose, we should simply leave that container.

     Verify the reward of our current career: this is another detail to consider, because when we are just starting the game we have the possibility of resisting about two breakdowns, this generally usually occurs because the enemies that we have in front are not really very complex until Now, however, breakdowns are not exactly the most pleasant, since they could interfere with our progress, which makes us be very careful, it is ideal to eliminate breakdowns, because with them there is no possibility of winning when we meet a boss, and This implies overcoming the first phases, because with this we get some rewards that can be favorable, among which it is possible to have the option of conquering a boss.

    Consider the rewards:
    the rewards are not necessarily worth the effort, because although it is true that some containers are of moderate risk, it is well worth noting that these can provide some type of restoration to our equipment instantly in order to cool the shot. Alternative of a weapon, or opt for the rate of resin fall that can be favorable, however, in the case of very high risk containers we must be more careful, because there is the possibility that we destroy what we have, when opening it It is highly possible that the artifact that enhances healing by inflicting damage will be destroyed, since there are three containers, only one of them can give us a healing object, the other two are simply not viable, because we could die.

    Evaluate the malfunction:
    not necessarily everything is bad, however, there is a high risk of being vulnerable, which implies that using them simply implies taking some kind of risk.

     Now that you know how to use Malignant Containers, it's time to think carefully if Returnal is worth the risk, good luck!

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    Third-person shooter, roguelite, psychological horror
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    April 30, 2021
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