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The action does not stop at Returnal and therefore we are going to explain how to destroy the red barriers.

What are the red barriers in Returnal?

  This game usually contains some obstacles and precisely knowing how to destroy the red barriers is a necessary task, as this is simply an obstacle that we find ourselves with, because although it is true, each path that we decide to take usually leads us to a particular progression is vital. destroy everything that may trip us to get hold of an artifact, it is not possible to affirm a particular way of mobilizing yourself to find a certain object, but it will only be enough to collect a little information, because with this it is possible to reach the objective with a bit more speed.
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How to destroy the red barriers in Returnal?

 Before going into the details, it is necessary to make it clear that these cannot be damaged with shots from firearms or alternative weapons, in this sense, it is necessary to embark on the search for an artifact that in a certain way can be more forceful, and for this we must enter in order to progress a little in the main story, to the point of getting the sword called "Atropiana Blade", in this search we get the enemy who managed to eliminate us at the beginning of the game, here there is no need to fight against this, we will only see the same as a "Crimson Portal", it is necessary to enter the room where there is a corpse with which it is necessary to interact before being able to leave this place, otherwise there is no possibility of making us with special alarm.

By interacting with the corpse, we were able to claim the sword and use it to:


  •  Destroy the red barriers.
  • Destroy the vines.


In this sense, knowing how to destroy the red barriers embarks us on an interesting search through Retunal, because in this way we manage to get rid of a common obstacle in the game.

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