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The activities are still latent in Returnal which is good because it allows us to explain how to complete the biome surveys.

What are the biome surveys in Returnal?

It is necessary in the first instance to consider that these encounters are usually secondary objectives, completing them or not doing it is optional, however, when completing them we are allowed to have the possibility of unlocking a trophy, even when the game itself does not indicate how many surveys are worth. It is worth emphasizing that there are usually a total of 6, so knowing how to complete the biome surveys in the game is usually interesting, even when it does not offer more details which makes it necessary to take charge of carrying out a research task, these They are usually somewhat complex, but in any case, to give you the necessary instructions, we are here.

These are the biome surveys are as follows:

  • Pass the Ruins: involves finishing the survey of the vegetation-covered ruins
  • Climbing the Mountain: Finish the Crimson Wastes Survey
  • Through the Forgotten City: Complete the Abandoned Citadel Study
  • Echoes of the Past: Finish the Study of the Echo Ruins
  • Frozen in Time: Finish the Fractured Wastes Study.
  • Deep in Memories: Completing the Nether Scar Survey

How to complete the biome surveys in Returnal?

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    It is necessary to get all the objects and this allows us to venture even when there are no specific places to which we should go, since the nature of the planet is somewhat complex, in this sense, it is necessary to find these objects in this way:

    The explorer logs: There is no guarantee that these logs can appear in a race wave, so we must take care of exploring some number of times, because the idea is to focus on the possibility of collecting them all and in this way get the records of explorer in the corpses, for our good fortune these are usually marked on our minimap with a small signal icon, we just have to be alert to the possibility that one is shown to us.

    The xenoglyphs: These can be found on the walls and other similar structures as we progress in this game, it is necessary to get hold of all these red symbols of the aliens because they allow us to translate, once we find them we can get some phrases enough short but crucial to have relevant information regarding the inhabitants and Atropos.

    Xenoarchives: This usually works as a type of large room where we are shown some images very similar to holograms, as these usually show us some events that have been carried out on the planet, we must take care of crossing these rooms out of our list and this simply implies approaching each of the particle clouds until they can become a type of static image, there we will see that this usually looks like an alien race, in this sense, it is necessary to press Triangle in order to achieve make a comment.

    Definitely, knowing how to complete the biome surveys allows us to have the possibility to work and explore some amount in Returnal, give it a try.

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