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If you want to know how to destroy red vines in Returnal, then you have come to the right place, here we explain it to you.

What to know about red vines in Returnal?

  It is one of the obstacles that will be blocking access to some objects, it is certainly not a big problem, but it does prevent us from finding objects of great importance for our performance in the game, among which are curative, So to avoid these inconveniences it is necessary that we be aware of How to destroy the red vines and for this we have the content of this guide to guide us, so let's move on to see what we find.

How to destroy red vines in Returnal?

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    It is necessary that we have the atropy blade to be able to destroy these red vines, for this we have to make progress in the story to the point that our objective is to find the destruction of the xeno-type barriers, which will take us to a room in which there is a giant teleporter, this one has a different use, only that it is not possible to use, but the most interesting thing will be a corpse that is around here, it is an automaton, which has a grip, which It will turn out to be the blade of atropy.

     Now with the use of the square it is possible to make a horizontal cut, which will help us to destroy the red vines, but we can also open pieces of Obolite and access a coin, then we have a very necessary resource to progress in the story and access important resources, it is impossible to lose it because at some point we will not be able to continue if it, even if we end up dead we can keep it, with the purpose of searching for the anathema key we are going to need this blade and progress in history, against the combat of the Next boss will be of great use to us.

     We hope that the information presented here on How to destroy red vines has been very useful for your progress and fun in Returnal.

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