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We continue fighting in Returnal and therefore we are going to talk to you about How to beat Hyperion.

Who is Hyperion in Returnal?

This is a boss that we meet in this game, as this makes it necessary to find ourselves in the middle of an interesting combat, in such a way that knowing how to defeat Hyperion leads us to face this beast from a safe distance, as it usually contain orbs and projectiles, so pay attention to these simple tips that we bring you and in this way you can get rid of the boss.
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How to beat Hyperion in Returnal?

This fight usually occurs in three phases and they are the following:


  •  Phase 1: during this phase this boss tends to remain stable in one place while in charge of firing projectiles and orbs at us, to our advantage these are usually somewhat slow and therefore there is the possibility of dodging them for which it is ideal to have synchronization , this does not usually stop there, as this boss has the ability to create red rings that allow you to move outside, which makes it vital to dodge them in order not to receive any damage, however, these attacks are not the only thing that this boss has, because he will choose to carry out the laser attack and this is usually somewhat more complex because it tends to move from one side to the other, in this situation it is necessary to dodge it.
  • Phase 2: we continue the fight and here it is ideal to know the possibility of dodging in the air, because this boss will get angry a little and will choose to throw orbs at us from the air, in this sense, it is important to keep in constant movement, this with the mere purpose of dodging, since all the attacks that it tends to carry out must be dodged, in the same way as in the previous phase.
  • Phase 3: this is the last phase of this boss fight because here it is possible that he will launch a number of orbs, the detail is that they usually contain different patterns, in this sense, it is necessary to travel to the far edges of the area, this Because it allows us to have more space where it is possible to breathe, once in this place we must avoid the attack in the shape of an “X” and choose to practice the “Air-dash”, since this fight consists of dodging the orbs, doing damage to which is ideal to use a weapon with a good range and be as far away from the boss as possible in order not to be hit.

 In this sense, knowing How to beat Hyperion allows us to get rid of another boss in Returnal, try it.

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