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We invite you to discover How to change weapons, something of importance to apply in Returnal.

What to know about Returnal?

We are in a game where survival comes first, in which it is necessary to explore what is necessary through enemy obstacles and the search for resources to achieve progress, among the needs we have is how to change weapons and to help us with the We have answers to this guide and its content, which will be presented from now on and that we must follow closely to see the details, let's see.
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    How to change weapons in Returnal?

    Our start is with a pistol, it is the first of the weapons that we will handle in the game, which is obtained near a body, then we will be attacked and here we have to use that weapon, to make the weapon change it is necessary that we find a new weapon, managing to do it with the triangle so that we can change the one we have for this new one, another option to make the change is by finding chests, with which interaction is required that ends up summoning some enemies, then we must attack them If we want to access what the chest contains, these being weapons, consumable improvements and more, we simply press the mentioned button once we approach the chests, we use our weapon to kill the enemies and claim the loot, while we progress we will access to better weapons.

    Keep in mind that weapons have 3 properties, which are Alt Fire, statistics and traits, where the first means the alternative firing mechanism that will reload over time, in terms of statistics it refers to power and attributes that the weapon possesses, while the traits will be unlocked by the continuous use of the specific weapon.

     Knowing how to change weapons is interesting, because it allows us to develop and have more fun in Returnal.

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