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Angel Marquez
2021-05-04 03:04:08

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With our help you will see that knowing how to remove parasites is easier than you thought in Returnal.

What to know about parasites in Returnal?

We are going to encounter this threat throughout the game, which we must eliminate but there are some that will help us to heal ourselves, certainly there will be positive and negative effects on them, now to understand how to eliminate parasites it is necessary that we pay attention to the content that will be presented in this guide, let's see.
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How to remove parasites in Returnal?

We are presented with 4 possibilities to remove these parasites, these being the following:


  •  The parasite extractor: this option can be unlocked once we manage to defeat Phrike who turns out to be the first of the bosses that we face in the game, it is a cylinder that when we interact to scan it we will be able to access the camera, achieving that our character enters the extractor and will come out with the advantage of getting Obolitos for it.
  • The parasite harvester: it is a resource that consists of a mobile parasite extractor, it certainly acts in the same way as the previous one in terms of its results, it is necessary that the object be consumed so that all of them are detached from our suit , winning Obolitos in the same way.
  • The sphere of extermination: it is a consumable similar to the harvester, which will make the parasites come off our suit, but it is not possible to win Obolitos.
  • Detachment: when the parasite finishes giving us the impulse it will fall out of our suit by itself and continue forward, with the fact of applying several of them to our suit it is possible that we have some enhancers, to get the positive from these parasites is ideal use of the murmuring cocoon object.

 So we finished our guide on how to remove parasites, hoping that you can get the best out of a game as busy as Returnal.

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