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2021-05-03 09:01:23

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Returnal keeps us in constant motion and this leads us to explain how to beat Nemesis.

Who is Nemesis in Returnal?

As we progress we realize that more bosses are emerging, because specifically Nemesis is one of them, facing him is a task that does not turn out to be so complicated, it does not mean that it is extremely easy, but it is not something very difficult to achieve, we must emphasize that this is usually found in the "Derelict Citadel".
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    How to beat Nemesis in Returnal?

    This fight against this boss usually takes place in three phases.


    •  Phase 1: we must enter the area where this boss usually stays and proceed to machine-gun in the direction to the left and then to the right, this we usually do not to hit the boss, but to avoid having to fight with many orbs, in addition to these we lets get a little closer, as this boss's hitting box is usually large enough which means getting rid of the orbs is necessary to get a little closer.
    • Phase 2: During this phase it is vital to be careful with the platforms that are floating and are relatively close to the area, for this it is necessary to use the grappling hook, with this we proceed to climb until we reach the boss and continue the fighting strategy of the previous phase, however, it will not be so simple, because at this point it is vital to dodge the lasers that it usually fires at us, we will also see some red rings on the ground, it is necessary to take care of jumping over these in order to avoid receiving some kind of damage.
    • Phase 3: this is the last stage of the fight and here it is necessary to take charge of pressing several buttons, it is necessary to crouch from one floating platform to another, because we will be suspended from the air, this allows us to shoot Nemesis without greater complexity, since the orbs they do not tend to affect us because we usually keep in constant movement, on the other hand it is necessary to be careful with lasers, because there is a time when there is usually a massive attack from them, in such a way that being close to impact it will be necessary to crouch in the closest platform and avoid being touched, this must be done regularly until Nemesis can fall.

     Now that you know how to beat Nemesis it is time to embark on this fight that is not really complex and thus get rid of another boss in Returnal.

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