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Returnal has some bugs which allows us to explain how to fix Door Not Opening error.

What is Door Not Opening error in Returnal?

  This is a drawback with which we get in this game, because it usually works as a type of obstacle that does not allow us to interact with the world, this is more like a kind of bug that can become quite frustrating, especially considering that hardly The game has come out and we already have a problem where we can get stuck, although it is true there are not many options, it is possible to give you some answers.
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    How to fix Door Not Opening error in Returnal?

     It is important to make clear that this failure can be achieved regularly when we finish watching a cut scene, which can become somewhat complex, it is also not possible to identify a specific scene, since it tends to occur on several and different occasions, which makes that this can be a complex issue.

     There is no greater solution in relation to this failure and this in a way can become complex, since there are a considerable number of players who have spent a good amount of time playing, however, it is worth noting that there are some simple and quite common solutions that we can perfectly well apply and are:


    •  Opting to Reboot: This is an option we have in this game and it seems to work quite well.
    • Go back to the standard suit and avoid the pre-order suit: this is another option that can perfectly well be applied, because in any case you are using the bonus suit, the possibility of changing to the standard skin arises.

     If it is still not possible to get out of this failure we have no choice but to wait for a patch to be released, `because with this there is the possibility of continuing to play normally.

     Definitely, knowing how to fix Door Not Opening error allows us to have the possibility to continue playing Returnal, give it a try.

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