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Returnal has many interesting things for us and this allows us to tell you how to unlock suits.

What to know about the suits in Returnal?

  This game allows us to have the possibility of having some interesting outfits, as this allows us to change them at any time, the new outfits do not seem to have any particular change, in this sense, it is necessary to make it clear that we are just beginning to play for There is still a lot to discover, it is possible to see some bonus costumes, Pre-order, so keep reading because this is getting more and more interesting.

How to unlock suits in Returnal?

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    It is necessary to be clear that we must go to the ship in order to look for the "Storage" section, there we will see that there are three storage components where it is possible to find the new suit.

     Then we must take care of pressing Triangle in order to view Suite 1.0, Suite 2.0 and Suite 3.0.

     The costume warehouse is usually located on the left side of the main door, but to view it, it is necessary to have the pre-order bonus active.

     As we approach the store of suits, it is necessary to press Triangle to choose the one that we consider favorable.
     Then we must press X in order to equip the chosen suit and therefore choose to change the suit.

     It should be noted that changing the suits allows us to have a different appearance change, but there is nothing more than that, because the statistics will remain the same, in this sense, it is necessary to progress in order to improve these suit statistics, to Our good fortune these improvements can be given little by little, there is also the possibility of unlocking gadgets during exploration activities, we must bear in mind that it is important to maintain the integrity of the suit, for this it is advisable to rest a little, because of what Otherwise we would have to start from scratch

     Now that you know how to unlock suits, it is ideal to launch yourself into this search at Returnal and tell us how you found it.

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    Third-person shooter, roguelite, psychological horror
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    April 30, 2021
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