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Find out how to get digital luxury goods in this excellent and explanatory Returnal guide.

What to know about digital luxury goods at Returnal?

 It is about what you get for the deluxe digital edition of the game, which has an additional cost of 10 dollars of what the normal edition costs, it is certainly possible to access objects and weapons that may initially help us, but noticing that when we start in the game we have nothing beyond Selene's basic weapon, it is ideal to want to know how to obtain digital luxury items and for this we have this guide with its explanatory content, which we must follow with details from now on to give with the answers, let's see.

How to get digital luxury goods at Returnal?

 Throughout the game when we get to die we end up losing many of the objects, and it is necessary to start over, but there are some things that we can keep, only that the weapons are not included, once we get to the second biome of the game, the ones that we have the digital deluxe edition we will have the Hollowseeker unlocked from the beginning of it, it is about greater power if we compare it with those of the first biome that are the Spitmaw Blaster and the Tachyomatic Carbine, so it is ideal to have this advantage more when facing Phrike the first of the bosses in the game.
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Another weapon is presented with the digital deluxe edition, which is the Electropilon driver, we will be able to find it once we have progressed enough, with this weapon pylons are fired that are going to hook from our enemies or the surfaces to electrocute everything nearby, it is a weapon of great power, although it can be complex to use it, so every time we go to find a weapon it can be any of the 2 that correspond to digital luxury items, but In turn, some objects are added such as reflex stimulants, the pulsating mass artifact and the adrenaline enhancer, which can be seen in our inventory once the second race has started, otherwise they may be in our ship, If we use them or die, they are lost because they are consumables.

 Now that you know how to get digital luxury items, just do it and make the most of this advantage that is presented in Returnal.

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