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The tasks in Returnal continue, and it is convenient to tell you How to open stone doors.

What are stone doors in Returnal?

This game presents us with a considerable amount of door that we must open, these stone doors are simply not different, but if they tend to be special, because behind them some objects that may be valuable usually await, there may be chests, so it is necessarily open these doors that are nothing more than a type of gates that are present and we must find a way to open them.
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    How to open stone doors in Returnal?

    It is possible to get them at some point early and to be able to open it, it will only be necessary to look for the switch, this can be located easily, we only have to locate a yellow light, this is normally near a door or on top of it, but it is always quite close to the stone door. Now, once we have located this switch, it is necessary to use our weapon in order to point it at it so that it can turn red and shoot it to open the door that remains open, which allows access without hurry so that it can be closed, In this sense, it is necessary to move towards the door in order to take the objects that may be there and that's it.

    It is good to keep in mind that these stone doors usually house different resources that can be useful, however, it should be noted that there is a buff that is causing certain problems related to doors, since some do not open which can become a very annoying issue, because it does not allow progress in the game, since it creates a kind of blockage in progress, for this it is necessary to wait for the developers to release a patch, because although it is true there is the possibility of solving it when restarting, this makes all the progress achieved is simply lost, I only clarify this because if now that you are reading us you have not encountered this failure, you will simply have to change your skin and in this way avoid suffering problems.

     Definitely, knowing how to open stone doors allows us to get hold of chests that can contain interesting objects for us in Returnal.

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