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If you want to know how to open locked doors in Returnal, you have to read the following article because it covers everything for you.

What are locked doors in Returnal?

It is one of the elements that remain constant at all times, these are locked, but must be unlocked especially if you wait to reach the end of the game and not get stuck in obstacles and to open doors and containers.
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    How to open locked doors in Returnal?

    You can open locked doors and containers using Atropian Keys, which you will find in the Returnal biomes, these can be found especially if you are diligent when exploring, as they emit a purple glow and appear as inverted triangles when you approach them.

      This is everything you need to know about how to open locked doors in Returnal, so now that you have it, we hope that you can get the keys necessary to be able to unlock all the obstacles and elements that are necessary.

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