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We continue the tour through Returnal and this makes it necessary to explain how to swim and dive.

What is the purpose of swimming and diving in Returnal?

Without a doubt, this game has many interesting areas, in this sense, swimming and diving allows us to explore a little more than expected, since there is the possibility of getting some kind of loot underwater, in this sense, it is necessary to take into account which is a type of work that cannot be done at the beginning of this game, since it is highly likely that we will be injured, in this sense, it is necessary to progress a little and in this way by becoming stronger and having overcome a good number of obstacles we are allowed to enter the water and thus explore for some loot.
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    How to swim and dive in Returnal?

    Before embarking on this activity it is necessary to have an improvement called "Hadal Ballast", as it is necessary to progress a little to get hold of it, this simply means that when starting in the "Ruins of the Undergrowth" it is necessary to defeat the bosses with In order to progress a little, this can allow us to reach other biomes, where obviously there will be more challenges and therefore more loot, this only makes it necessary to reach "The Fractured Wastes", and take charge of carrying out explorations, here it is usually necessary find an alien corpse with which we must interact, as this allows us to unlock the object with which it is possible to submerge.

    Before getting the Hadal Ballast it is necessary to consider:


    •  We are allowed to enter and exit the water whenever we deem it necessary.
    • There is no need to activate this ability, feet is passive.
    • It is necessary to be clear that The Fractured Wastes will arrive simply implies completing all the levels and obviously this allows us to find several keys.
    • The keys are necessary elements to access the room where the corpse with which we interact is usually.


    This is all you need to know about how to swim and dive, so it is only necessary to work on Returnal and thus continue the entertainment.

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