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The faults are still present in Returnal and this leads us to explain how to fix the error code CE-108255-1

What is error code CE-108255-1 in Returnal?

This is another problem that we find ourselves with in this game because it causes the game to crash, because this does not necessarily usually appear to everyone in a universal way, fortunately there is a solution for this problem and that is why we are here today.
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    How to fix error code CE-108255-1 in Returnal?

    It should be noted that this game has actually presented very few bugs, it is a recent game that has managed to come out as clean as possible in this regard, in this sense, it is necessary to apply these solutions:


    •  Set the game's video output settings to "Automatic."
    • Update the system or game software, because sometimes the mere fact of being outdated can cause inconveniences.
    • Reinstall the juice, this is another favorable option to apply for which it is necessary to go to "Settings" and from there locate "Storage" this in order to delete the game, and then download and install it once more.
    • Choosing to rebuild the database may be feasible for this, it is necessary to start the PS5 in safe mode to show us this option.
    • Reset the PS5, as this option is favorable and for this it is necessary to make sure in the first instance to make a backup copy of the data, which makes it necessary to go to "Settings", then we must locate · "System" and from there go to "System Software" for the purpose of resetting PS5.


    This is all we know to date about How to fix error code CE-108255-1, we hope you will fix this bug and continue your journey through Returnal.

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    Third-person shooter, roguelite, psychological horror
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    April 30, 2021
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