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If you want to know how to walk on lava in Returnal, you have to pay attention to what we have below for you.

What is lava in Returnal?

It may remind you of the game "The ground is lava", but nothing to see, lava is really an obstacle, but the difference is that you can walk on lava using a trick that we are going to teach you here.

How to walk on lava in Returnal?

If you wonder how to walk on lava, the first thing you have to do is unlock the Promethean insulators, for this you will have to have reached the fifth biome of the game, the fractured debris. You will also need the Atropian Key, so you will have to search for one in the Echoing Ruins region, until you find one.
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    When you are in the Fractured Wastes, you will be able to find an antechamber with four branching paths, of which three are required and one is optional. You must use the Atropian key to access the optional, the

    which has the blue triangle icon on the map.

    Inside you will find a lava room and three protruding platforms, through which you can jump and with the help of the hook move the rest of the way.

    When you reach the pedestal that is towards the far side that holds the Promethean insulators, you will be able to use them, as they will grant you immunity against extreme elements, allowing you to walk on lava. Once you get them, they stay with you forever.

    In this way we have reached the end of our guide on how to walk on lava in Returnal, so we hope that it has been as useful as possible, and you will improve your mobility with Promethean insulators.

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