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Searches continue at Returnal and this allows us to tell you where to find data cubes.

What are data cubes in Returnal?

These are a necessary type of object that allow us to have the possibility of unlocking some plans, these in turn can be favorable for consumables, weapons or artifacts, so that carrying out this search leaves us immersed in a somewhat hostile environment and where to survive it is without a doubt our only option.
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    Where to find data cubes in Returnal?

    These can become somewhat complex to find, since it is a process that involves two parts, on the one hand there is finding the data cube and on the other hand the data cube processor and in this way being able to give it its respective use, in this sense, it is necessary to focus on locating the data cubes and for this it is necessary to take care of being fin in front of the breakable walls, they can be identified with some ease because they tend to be manufactured somewhat differently from normal walls, they usually contain a little more cracks of the regular. Now, it is necessary to make it clear that it is possible to carry a data cube at a time, if we have one we can collect another, but considering that the previous one must be dropped.

    With the data cube in our possession, it is necessary to get hold of the data cube processor, this is achieved after the fights against the bosses, in this sense, it is well worth facing one of them, which allows us access the processor and give the respective use to the cube objects, to get the first processor it is ideal to have a data cube in our inventory

     Now that you know where to find data cubes it is time to embark on your quest at Returnal and get as much as possible out of this game.

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