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Angel Marquez
2021-05-04 17:48:19

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There is not much to say about how to get back to the ship as it is an easy task to solve in Returnal and here you will understand it.

Why return to the ship in Returnal?

It is something necessary for the restoration and reconstruction of our energy once we have lost it in a race, then it can help us avoid unnecessary expenses of consumables, which can be better used later in the middle of some mission, if we get to dying is also something feasible to do, because the loop will be restarted by the game, thus losing the resources we have, now to understand how to return to the ship let's see the following content.
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How to get back to the ship in Returnal?

What we will do is approach the hole in the fuselage of the ship, noting that the triangle button will be seen, when we press it we will see that Selene crawls up to the ship, inside we find about 3 doors, the one on the right is the cockpit, The one on the left gives us access to a bed to rest and recover energy, while the remaining one allows us to get to a computer, with which we can learn more about Selene and the ship, we can even go to the ruins of the echo, with just perform constant interaction with the computer, on our map we can see this ship, by means of a spatial logo and at the beginning of the echo ruins we find it.

  Clearly knowing how to get back to the ship allows us to have more fun and progress in Returnal.

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Third-person shooter, roguelite, psychological horror
Unreal Engine 4
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April 30, 2021
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