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For today, we make a Returnal guide where we propose to talk to you about the Guide of all biomes.

What are the biomes in Returnal?

 This game brings us a number of interesting things, precisely the biomes are that kind of environment in which this interesting story takes place, they tend to change frequently which does not allow us to locate ourselves in identical routes, so that these environments can change in some way, and it is what tends to give it a certain particularity.

Definitely, knowing which is the Guide of all biomes allows us to work in a certain order in Returnal. In Returnal?

 The number of biomes that usually exist in this game make up a total of 6, they are places that are full of enemies that it is necessary to face, in fact each biome has a boss, so we must work enough to progress and from this The way to defeat it is what guarantees us to move from one biome to another, in this sense, we leave you below a small list with the biomes that are present and these are:
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    • Ruins of the undergrowth
    • Crimson wastelands
    • Abandoned citadel
    • Ruins with echo
    • Fractured wastelands
    • Nether Scar.

     In this sense, it is necessary to take care of defeating the boss of a biome in order to access the key that allows us to cross the door to the next biome, in the same way there will be activities to perform until we get to the next boss and therefore defeat him. To continue, until we reach the last biome, in this process we are allowed to get some number of implements, it is also vital to be properly equipped, feet the bosses are usually formidable. On the other hand, one would believe that after passing the 6 biomes and reaching the credits the game is finished, because in this particular case this does not usually happen this way, since we have to get hold of the secret ending and for this we must take care of locating the sun face fragments, the detail is that they are usually scattered.

     Definitely, knowing which is the Guide of all the biomes allows us to work in a certain order in Returnal.

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