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Today we bring you a Returnal guide where we will explain how to beat Nemesis.

What to know about the Nemesis in Returnal?

  He is one of the bosses that we are going to face in the game, it is not difficult to defeat him, but even so, you must have the appropriate strategies to win, this is presented as an almost holographic skull, it is displayed in the form of a rock. by some tentacular creatures that float around it, now to have an idea of How to defeat Nemesis it is necessary that we see the content of this guide below.
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    How to beat Nemesis in Returnal?

    To understand how to beat Nemesis we will go through a combat divided into stages in Returnal and we must take into account the following details:


    •  First stage: what we will go through initially is through a scene in which we end up losing consciousness for a while, when we recover it we can see the Nemesis, which shows its strength when deploying, we will notice that in the center of this boss a glow is noticeable red, which turns out to be its weak point, then we focus when shooting at this point, we will do this while we are avoiding some blue orbs as they are approaching us, when we damage the Nemesis these patterns of the blue orbs will change, That will lead us to make adjustments regarding our position so that it does not hit us.
    • Second stage: when we have managed to eliminate its first health bar we will see that it disappears, the ground in which we are begins to float, being an obstacle in which we have to maintain our balance so as not to fall, at this moment the Nemesis will appear, bringing with him a group of deadly units, which will make this stage the most complicated, the units will be bombarding, which will make the need to be in constant movement quickly to avoid their shots, then there are a couple of boss creatures that will be emitting a laser beam, we have to crouch to dodge it while shooting the Nemesis non-stop.
    • Third stage: right in the center where the Nemesis is, a crack will appear, which will have a constant growth until the boss explodes, in a certain time we will have to grab onto some platforms that are floating as we will be. We too, to this stage the boss is very distant, we will only notice the red of the bright center and the orbs that will be coming out, what we will do then is to seek to reach the Nemesis through the platforms, considering that some remain coming out of it. spirals, circles, lines and among other patterns of orbs, our goal is to reach it to continue reducing its health, distance shots are ideal, but more damage will be caused as we get closer, in this way at some point we will have finish.


    Finally, now that we know how to beat Nemesis we can move on in Returnal.

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