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Now pay close attention, because we will be covering everything you need to know about whether you should choose dark red or light blue in Biomutant.

What do the dark red and light blue colors represent in Biomutant?

It is an element that takes center stage at the beginning of the adventure, when you have to choose the color of the crossroads in the game. You can choose "I am dark red, as in strength and power" or "Color me light blue, for freedom and loyalty." The truth is that this really is not a choice of life or death, since it does not determine which path you will take at the crossroads, but it will give you some points in the Aura of light or darkness, which will be useful in the system of gambling mortality. But what should your choice be after all?

Should I choose dark red or light blue in Biomutant?

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    The "good" creatures in the game go with the option to "Color me light blue, for freedom and loyalty."

    While the "bad" creatures of the game correspond to the option "I am dark red, as in strength and power".

    Note that your choice does not imprison you in that morality for the rest of the game, but instead gives you 2 Aura points for Light or Dark depending on your choice.

    After your choice you will see the two Aura sprites appear and they will have a little back and forth about morality and which of the two you should listen to, then you will have to choose one of the two paths at the junction.

    The aura will influence the dialogue and the way some characters look at you.

      Now that you know if you should choose dark red or light blue in Biomutant, you can make a choice with more confidence and peace of mind, knowing that its impact is not really what you might imagine.

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