Angel Marquez
2021-06-04 08:52:03

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This time we return with a Biomutant guide, aiming to explain how to get Superb loot.

What to know about the Superb loot in Biomutant?

In order to complete all the area objectives that the game presents to us, it is important to have Superb loot, gadgets and other collectibles that are presented throughout the map, now an ideal place for this is Namby, here we can Find Superb loot or complete the objectives in the area, something that will help us on How to obtain Superb loot is the content of this guide, which we must follow below.

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How to get Superb loot in Biomutant?

What we will do is focus on a wheelbarrow that is located in the center of the farm, we must look for the face of the small house and the shadow area nearby, here we have a bench against the house, when we approach it we will notice A shiny chest underneath, opening it we obtain Superb loot, with this we complete the area, now while we are completing the objectives, finding most of these will be simple, one of them requires that we find the bank of weapon improvements, which in some area of ​​the town is suspended in the air and can be accessed by means of a rope, which allows us to improve our weapons, focused mainly on melee, the other objectives are in the surroundings, in the case of having the intention of In distance fighting, a runner in the ideal area is Pew Pew, with which we can obtain a solid weapon from a distance, thus achieving an important reinforcement in our purpose.

 So we finished our guide on How to get Superb loot, hoping that you can get the best out of Biomutant, a very busy game.

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