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We continue executing tasks in Biomutant which allows us to indicate where to find Yrkum Pikeaxe Ultimate Weapon.

What is Yrkum Pikeaxe's Ultimate Weapon in Biomutant?

This game offers us the opportunity to stay in constant movement, in such a way that we embark on a necessary search and this implies having to fight against a mini-boss called Yrkum Pikeaxe, it should be noted that this weapon has statistics that can be favorable.

Where to find Yrkum pikeaxe's ultimate weapon in Biomutant?

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    This search leads us to locate a vault and to access it is necessary to have a key with us, this can be obtained from another mini-boss which makes it necessary to eliminate Polliconey Fatty to get the key from him, and as soon as we have it with us, we will proceed to go with Yrkum Pikeaxe to hold a fairly easy combat, once we manage to defeat him we can locate the vault in Sludge Deodorizum.

    It is necessary to get to the place to get the vault and this implies having to embark on a fight and from there proceed to loot, it should be noted that there is no possibility of using another lead other than the one obtained with Graso, once we have the key to visualize the Vault is simple given the case that it usually contains a yellow box and losing sight of it is somewhat complicated, so it is vital to embark on this quest to fight against a boss with complex abilities, but that at the end of everything turns out to be the best contrary.

    Now that you know where to find Yrkum Pikeaxe Ultimate Weapon it's time to run this quest and proceed to loot at Biomutant.

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