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We continue to explore Biomutant which allows us to tell you how to get all the vehicles, let's see.

What is the purpose of obtaining all the vehicles in Biomutant?

Simply having the opportunity to be able to mobilize with a little more comfort, in this sense, knowing how to obtain all the vehicles allows us to cross the sections, biomes and the hidden places that are usually present, and we usually find while we carry out exploration activities, the vehicles in Bomutant is an alternative for fast trips, and they have characteristics that are usually above the mounts, it will only be enough to unlock them and that is precisely what you will talk about here.

Before knowing how to get all vehicles, it is necessary to know some characteristics that usually have in relation to mounts:

  • Mounts and vehicles are not usually the same, although it is true, it has similar characteristics to mobilize us, they do not find the same way.
  • The vehicles are usually unlocked as we progress, while the mounts in Biomutant find themselves taming, and for this it will be necessary to have Pips.

How to get all vehicles in Biomutant?

We must consider that our task consists of unlocking 7 vehicles, and these are usually:


  • To unlock this vehicle, it is usually necessary to complete the Goop missions that usually lead us to meet Porky Puff Worldeater.
  • This is a fantastic vehicle that can be used to cross open water, in fact it has the ability to move through polluted waters.
  • It is a vehicle present in Biomutant that has the ability to fire grappling hooks that tend to function as a type of ranged weapon that has the ability to damage opponents, it is even usually necessary to defeat the boss.
  • Knowing how to obtain all vehicles but specifically have the Googlide that has turbocharging which allows you to increase speed.


  • This is usually one of the first vehicles we have at Biomutant, and we get it from Gizmo, who offers us some missions that require completion.
  • The vehicle can be unlocked after completing the mission "The Chugyard".
  • Knowing how to obtain all the vehicles offers us the possibility of early unlocking the ideal Mekton to cross the dead zone, as well as being useful to face the world-devouring Jumbo Puff.

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    • We continue to tell you how to obtain all the vehicles and this one in particular is usually unlocked after completing some missions that Whiz tends to entrust us, this is usually located exactly in the Surgesurf Factory, in Sector 12F.
    • It should be noted that it is not possible to lose this vehicle while we mobilize in the main campaign in Biomutant.
    • The Octopod is a vehicle that allows us to have the opportunity to submerge ourselves in the water, in addition to being able to use it only against the Murk Puff Worldeater boss.


    • This is another vehicle that we find in Biomutant and to unlock it is necessary to work on Whiz's main mission, in addition to them, it is necessary to work on other missions that involve conducting a search for suitable parts.
    • The Mekanofingro can be mounted and summoned in any area, so similar to the mount.
    • This vehicle has a melee attack, in addition to another ranged attack.

    Pee-Wee Gargantua.

    • This vehicle is usually unlocked when we complete the main missions of Whiz, exactly Gill, after that, it is necessary to take charge of doing some secondary missions and in this way continue working to know how to obtain all the vehicles.
    • The Pee-Wee Gargantua offers us the opportunity to use it to cross oceans, but we must consider that this can be easy to lose in Biomutant, which makes it necessary to be alert.


    • The search to know how to obtain all the vehicles simply continues and this implies unlocking the Gillblimp and for this we must go to see Lobo to be in charge of completing some of his secondary missions, he is usually found in the Blimpstation in sector 9J.
    • This vehicle is usually usable enough to traverse the Kluppy dunes and has the functionality of being a flying car.
    • To use this vehicle, it is necessary to consider summoning it while we are in the Kluppy Dunes.

    Batnam- Nam.

    • This is usually unlocked after you've completed Pebble's side quests on Knack Hill.
    • The car is often useful for jumping great heights, and this action is usually done by just pressing the jump button to glide through the air.
    • This vehicle usually works as a normal mount that can be used to explore and it tends to be invoked anywhere, in order to proceed to give it its deserved use.

    In general terms, knowing how to get all vehicles offers us the opportunity to have favorable and highly necessary means of transport to travel all areas in Biomutant.

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