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The action in Biomutant does not stop, so today we will tell you how to solve rotation puzzles, so pay attention.

What is the rotation puzzle in Biomutant?

It is a series of tasks that consist of turning different dials to turn on a monitor or a machine, so if you need help solving the rotation puzzles here you will find everything you need.

How to solve rotation puzzle in Biomutant?

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    The puzzles will have orange and white sections, in these what you have to do is match the colored sections of each node with the largest lines on the machine itself.

    To select which node is selected, you will have to move the Left Stick up or down and to rotate the node you will have to use RB and LB according to the direction you want to take them.

    The amount of moves required for each rotation puzzle is displayed on the left side of the screen and is set based on the Intellect stat your character has. This is because the higher your stat, the more movements you can use to complete the puzzle.

    If you do not solve the puzzle in the number of movements you have in the first attempt, you will suffer a little damage, but it is not a bad thing to die, just try again until you complete it.

    The difficulty level of the puzzles does not increase as you complete them, but as long as the Intellect stat continues to increase, you will be able to access more movements to solve them.

     That's everything you need to know about how to solve rotation puzzles in Biomutant, so we hope that our tips will allow you to complete all the puzzles more easily and in the shortest time possible.

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