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We welcome you to our Biomutant guide where we will talk to you about How to get the Mirage.

What to know about the Mirage in Biomutant?

These consist of presenting the figure of the past that is related to our characters, Mirage's approach is more towards the secondary missions in the game, these can be used in order to improve the car with new features, they are in themselves great new functions utility, there are 4 of these, so knowing how to get the Mirage is important for exploration, battle and stability, now it is ideal to take into account the details that follow.

How to get the Mirage in Biomutant?

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    It will only be enough to approach it and touch it, turning out to be something simple, once we talk with it, we will enter into combat, only it is not important to be the winner, after this the option to choose between 4 automotive improvements is presented, then we move on For the 4 Mirage we can access all the improvements, being the pocket healing, increase in damage, turret function and gliding wings, it must be taken into account that there is a failure in the game that sometimes comes to disappear, when we get close to these they vanish into thin air, it is ideal that this failure is resolved, then getting the Mirage becomes some kind of gamble.

    The Mirage appear randomly, so there is no precise place to find them, only that when talking to the tree of life they begin to appear, then we can choose to travel through the map for their search, thus achieving to take advantage of this for us.

    It is clear that knowing how to get the Mirage allows us to have more fun in Biomutant.

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