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2021-06-08 09:50:38

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Today we bring you a Biomutant guide in which we will explain Where to find Whiz.

What to know about Whiz in Biomutant?

It is one of the many characters that are part of the game, this specific one is important to complete some missions that correspond to the main story, so it is necessary to know its location, for this we have this guide to guide us below.

Where to find Whiz in Biomutant?

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The course of the story itself will put this character on our way, having to request Whiz's help as part of the Our-of-Date plan, which in turn will take us to the Fnackyleaves section of the map, to the northwest precisely, it is a long trip, and it would be appropriate to have a mount, when we are in that location we have to go to the Surgesurf factory, finding Whiz trapped and who needs help, after this we can complete the missions corresponding to the character and progress through the main story.

We hope that the information detailed here on Where to find Whiz has been useful for your progress in Biomutant.

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