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2021-06-04 08:45:35

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Biomutant is a very lively game and today he leads us to discover How to update your Mekton.

What to know about the Mekton in Biomutant?

With the help of the Mekton we can avoid some enemy confrontations, considering how dangerous they are in our environment, now their creation depends on the space supported by it, but seeking to improve it requires the Wrekton boxes, now to know how to update your Mekton with details we can count on this guide and its following content, let's see it.
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How to update your Mekton in Biomutant?

It is necessary that we find the Wrekton boxes, with a total of 14 available in the game, it is not easy because you will have to cross the landscape, taming the mounts will be of great help to go to places with greater ease, just as So that the Googlide we have to use the wrench that is in the lower right corner, we press the D-pad, or the number 4 if we are on PC, when we choose we have the equipment menu, which allows us to customize the our Mekton at our discretion, we will have customizable parts in our inventory.

These improvements do not come to include in the damage that we are going to cause, considering that the pieces themselves do not bring statistics, numbers or indicators that come to visualize an increase in strength or weakness, as such the Mekton is powerful and allows us to look creative without sacrificing power or durability, considering that with the definitive weapons of the game we have firepower covered, with the recent patch the extreme mode has been added, which can leave us short when we cannot count on the Mekton .

 In conclusion, knowing how to update your Mekton is excellent, because we can advance more in this interesting and moved Biomutant.

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