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2021-06-01 08:41:50

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We are still working on Biomutant and this allows us to tell you how to turn off motion blur.

What is motion blur in Biomutant?

This game undoubtedly has a lot of content for us, it is necessary to take care of deactivating the motion blur because this is an inconvenience that usually affects our vision on the screen and is not pleasant, especially considering that this game has some considerable amount of missions and tasks that allows us to travel and explore with complete freedom through an open world.

How to turn off motion blur in Biomutant?

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Although it is true, this game did not start with a lot of fuss, and also the tutorial perhaps was not the most impressive, it has managed to penetrate very well, however, the motion blur comes to hinder this emotion, and that is where it is a more relevant drawback, this can only be disabled on PC, for consoles there is no way to do it.


 Now, to deactivate the motion blur it is necessary:

  • Go to the Biomutant installation folder on the PC, the location of this can be (%APPDATA%LocalBiomutantSavedConfigWindowsNoEditor)
  • Then we must open the Engine.ini file and for this we will use the Notepad application.


 It is necessary to click on the folder at the top of the file in order to edit it and from there edit it to add:


  •  [SystemSettings] r.MotionBlur.Max = 0
  • To finish it is necessary to press the Ctrl S keys to save the file.
  • We proceed to close the Engine.ini file and launch the game again where we will see that the blur is disabled and therefore playing will be much easier, because it can be seen better on our screen.

 This is all you need to know about how to turn off motion blur, in such a way that this allows us to have the possibility of enjoying Biomutant better.

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