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2021-06-01 08:43:40

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Today we prepared this guide to tell you where to find the Ankati tribe in Biomutant so be prepared.

What is the Ankati tribe in Biomutant?

This is one of the six in the game that leans towards the lighter side of things, this tribe will allow you to work towards the good end by default, plus it will also allow you access to the tribe's unique weapon, a bow. Special. Fortunately, we are going to tell you where to find the Ankati tribe right away.

Where to find the Ankati tribe in Biomutant?

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In order to find this tribe you will have to go to the Ankati Fortress, their home> advance to a dead area of ​​the map in sector 7B and interact with the Sifu or leader of the tribe, which will allow you to access the option to change their forms and join the tribe there or move away to stay with your current tribe.

You must bear in mind that you cannot directly change from tribe to whatever their rival tribe is, in the case of the Ankati, their rival tribe is the Pichu tribe. So if you are part of the Picho tribe you will have to choose a third non-rival tribe from the other two and change to it, which will allow you to talk with the Sifu of Antaki to change tribe and obtain the reward bow. So we recommend switching tribe to this one from the beginning if you want to get the bow quickly.

That's all you have to know about where to find the Ankati tribe in Biomutant, so we hope that this guide has been as clear as possible for you, and you can join this tribe without problem as soon as possible.

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