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2021-05-28 09:09:41

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Our work for Biomutant continues and this makes it necessary to tell you Where to find googlide Wrekbox.

How many googlide Wreckbox did we get in Biomutant?

It is usually necessary to embark on a search that contains some interesting boxes, here it is vital to find a total of 9, and they are scattered around different places, as good explorers we can do this quick task.

Where to find googlide Wrekbox in Biomutant?

Box 1: this box requires solving a rotation puzzle, in addition to a circuit puzzle, once this has been done we access the box that is north of the Sunbautica station where the entrance to the sewer system is.
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Box 2: We follow the route and this can be obtained during the Gumquack Hollow mission, the box is near the Domp outpost east of Pokburr.

Box 3:
the search continues and this makes it necessary to locate the ship towards the east end of Bricktown, where the box is usually housed near Brokenboat.

Box 4:
this box is usually found in an area called Bangshelter 2E, to get there it is necessary to have a fight with Porky Puff.

Box 5: It is necessary to take a look between Bangshelter 2G and Froskmosk where we can see this box.

Box 6:
it is necessary to continue searching, since this will take us to Brickbrack where it is usually located.

Box 7: this box makes us have to mobilize a little more in order to get to the Manufactorium.

Box 8: to get it, it is necessary to complete the search for Lost Mjut and after that we must take care of going to the Rokoblok outpost to see the box to the west.

Box 9: this is our last search for the boxes and this makes it necessary to go south of the house to see them, this usually happens in Frozy Brickback.

This is all you need to know about Where to find googlide Wrekbox, so that it allows us to do a necessary search in Biomutant, give it a try.

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