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2021-06-01 08:48:41

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Biomutant is a very lively game, and today it leads us to discover where to find all Notice Board.

What to know about the bulletin boards in Biomutant?

They are about 10 that we have to find, with the purpose of accessing the automaton appearances, only that these will be generated randomly, so to know where to find all the bulletin boards we can count on the details that will be presented in this guide right now, let's see.

Where to find all Notice Board in Biomutant?

We have to know where to find all bulletin boards consider the locations that will be presented in Biomutant below:
  • Plank 1: when we are in the Bricktown mission we have to face the Morks and then go up the stairs, to our right we find the first one and when we complete the mission that follows we win the automaton skin.
  • Plank 2: starting from the previous location we will go west until we reach the Murkadorpus outpost, passing through the train track that will put us in Chugyard finding the plank, a follow-up search here allows us to access the skin.
  • Plank 3: for this we will go to the northwest of the Urfidurf outpost, heading to Suburbia, which will put us with enemy confrontations, among which Tin stand out a mini boss, when we kill him we access another skin.
  • Plank 4: to the southeast of the subnational station we are going to find it, this to the northeast of Bricktown, we have here there is a tunnel that puts us in Goop to find it.

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Today we bring you a Biomutant guide in which we will explain Where to find Whiz.

  • Plank 5: go to the Rokoblok outpost passing along the path in the direction of path 5H.
  • Plank 6: to the west of the tree of life we ​​will arrive at Sparkplant, south side to find the skin, it is necessary to have the Coldzone suit.
  • Plank 7: where we meet Noko at the Gnoat farm near her house is this plank, completing the mission here we can access another skin.
  • Plank 8: you have to go to Chugdepot, southwest of the lotus fortress, around the center is located and there are some enemies to face.
  • Plank 9: You have to go through the Kluppy dunes with the Hearzone suit to get to Blimpstation.
  • Plank 10: we will go west of Blimpstation to get to Sludge Deodorizum, the plank will be here and some Goop are presented in the area.
  • Plank 11: this will make us go to the airfield, being necessary to complete the wolf mission in Blimpstation so that an ability to glide on the goop is unlocked, due to its blockade to the north islands of the Kluppy dunes, after you have to go to the southeast of the island.
  • Plank 12: the smelting of smoke will be our objective, taking into account the need for a suit against radiation, the radioactive zone is southeast of the Pichu fortress, east of the factory is the plank.
  • Plank 13: north of the Molyholy outpost we find this plank, upon completing the follow-up quest we will have another skin.
  • Plank 14: an oxygen suit is necessary when we are northwest of the Netra fortress in the Sludgegush field, once we have the plank and complete the follow-up mission we obtain another skin.
  • Plank 15: we must have the suit that protects us from radiation, being in the Manufactorium to the southeast of the Rokkoblok outpost, here it requires high-powered weaponry.

In conclusion, knowing where to find all Notice Board is excellent because we can advance further in this interesting and moving Biomutant.

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