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2021-05-31 09:38:54

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Biomutant has arrived to keep us in action which offers us the opportunity to tell you How to get Teddy suit

What is the Teddy suit in Biomutant?

This game undoubtedly has for us different tasks and objects that it is usually necessary to find, Teddy suit is simply a type of necessary armor and that allows us to have the opportunity to protect ourselves from some type of danger.

How to get Teddy suit in Biomutant?

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Here we get more than one suit, on the other hand, each suit we get usually requires some necessary activity, in this particular case, it is necessary to complete the Juju Side Quest and for this we must consider these statistics:


  •  20 cold.
  • 20 for hypoxia.
  • 20 radioactivity.
  • 29 biohazard.
  • 29 heat.


Once we embark on this search we must take into account:

  •  Here it is necessary to take charge of talking with Juju in order to get a mission.
  • Then it is necessary to go to Upsideup.
  • It is vital to make use of the yellow dots on the hill wall in order to arrive with Kite.
  • Then it is necessary to return to Juju to complete the secondary mission and in this way get Teddy suit.


 This Teddy suit has 3 pieces:


  •  Hood.
  • Bottom.
  • Upper part.


 It should be noted that although it is true this suit may not be the best in this game, it can be favorable, this because there are different danger zones for which it can be useful.

 This is all we know about How to get Teddy suit, so it is necessary to have this suit and continue exploring Biomutant.

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