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2021-06-02 08:12:44

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The action in Biomutant does not stop, so we come to explain how to beat Lupa-Lupine.

What to know about Lupa-Lupine in Biomutant?

This is one of the bosses that we will face in the game, this will be presented at the moment before going up to the ark, Out-of-Date will lead us to face him, between we will find him tied near the tree of life, being here We have to get it to free itself and that is how much we should know How to beat Lupa-Lupine and in the next content there will be the details, let's see.
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How to beat Lupa-Lupine in Biomutant?

As for How to beat Lupa-Lupine we have that the combat will go through several stages in Biomutant and these are the following:


  •  Stage 1: in the first change it is easy, it stays in the sand moving using rollers and blows on the ground, sometimes it will throw the members of the tribe against us, these same can serve us to distract the boss to attack him and damage it, it is ideal that we use distance weapons when it is not focused on us, being the opposite we have to avoid its attacks at the same time that we will attack it, we keep using distraction and when its health drops by a third we will enter the stage following.
  • Stage 2: at this stage the tribe will not be able to support us, only that Sifu will join the fight, in relation to the boss the same attacks are maintained, but it will focus mainly on Stifu, we here must attack from a distance and dodge when it comes to focus in us, once we take away a third more health, the next stage will come.
  • Stage 3: here we will be totally alone in Biomutant, the Lupa-Lupine boss will maintain the previous attacks and will add a new one in which he makes a raise of hands, causing a pink glow at that moment and will hit the ground, which will cause a shock wave sending in our direction, it is possible to dodge with ease once we telegraph it, you have to attack it until its health drops and ends up crashing into the ground making a sinkhole dragging us with it.
  • Stage 4: here we have to consider as to how to beat Lupa-Lupine that his health has been completely restored, we will be alone, but the pattern of his attacks is the same can be said, we only have to take care of a blow attack of ground, because three by three it will be doing it, we must avoid being close to it while avoiding said blow, because it is capable of grabbing us and throwing ourselves to the ground, we will sometimes notice a pink illumination in the head and followed by it comes in a straight line, you have to dodge it because it causes great damage, the use of ranged attacks is ideal and when we remove a third of its health, the next stage will come.
  • Stage 5: here in relation to the attacks, there is practically no change, we have to continue to maintain our distance while we use the weapons to cause damage, only now it presents a double pink-fist ground strike that will cause a shock wave, by removing it from again a third of health we went to the next stage.
  • Stage 6: here Lupa-Lupine makes a tremendous hit attack on the ground, where the shock waves that it will cause are of great magnitude, it is necessary to perform jumps or take off, this attack is performed very frequently, while also maintaining the other movements of attacks, we follow the strategy of keeping our distance and attacking from it until we have defeated it at the end.

 Finally, now that we know how to beat Lupa-Lupine, we can move on to Biomutant.

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