Daniel Hidalgo
2021-05-30 21:16:36

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Those who do not know how to fix Resistances Reset Error in Biomutant, with the following article you will be able to do it because we will cover everything.

What is the Resistances Reset Error in Biomutant?

This is an error that deletes and restores the five different resistors that you have in the game, something very annoying that is giving many users headaches.

How to fix Resistances Reset Error in Biomutant?

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In order to correct this problem you will have to go back to a previous saved file, in which you have all your resistors intact, as long as you don't save after your Resistors have disappeared.

Unfortunately this could lead to saving problems, as you could inadvertently spend your Bio Points unnecessarily, so most weapons may not offer benefits when used. Definitely here the best thing is that the developers deal with this problem taking into account these points to consider.

  Now that you know how to fix Resistances Reset Error in Biomutant, we hope you can fix the problem quickly and that the developers are working on removing it in an update.

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