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In the Biomutant universe we have many tasks, one of them is Where to find Old World storage shelters and here will be the details.

What are Old World storage shelters at Biomutant?

They are containers that contain the space loot, which are opened through a process, which consists of eliminating the nests that are near Fluff Hulk, they turn out to be the most powerful creatures, once We beat them we can access the loot, now to know Where to Find Old World Storage Shelters we have the following content.

Where to find Old World storage shelters in Biomutant?

Keep in mind that to see Where to find Old World storage shelters we have a total of 14 locations in Biomutant and these are the following:
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    • We have the 4H south of Pumsidums in the Knupstonies biome, here if we have the claimed region we can have support to face the Fluff Hulk.
    • The 3G is to the northwest of Floatboat, in the case of the Fluff Hunl to the southeast of the island and the warehouse in the northwest of this place.
    • The 3E southeast of the Domp outpost, on the north island is the corresponding Fluff Hulk and south of here is the warehouse.
    • The 6l we have it north of Bumlidof, in turn north of Knupstonies, where the warehouse can be seen from the top of a ledge, just go around the mountain and approach from the west to kill the Fluff Hulk.
    • The 5E we have it located east of the Nambleklump village, we must focus on a cave that is on the north side of the cold zone.
    • The 6G will take us to the east of Trim Furfur's abode, but in the case of the Fluff Hulk we must look for it north of the bunker.
    • The 9l will first put us in search of its nest west of Chugdepod, north of Yerpfields, noting a pond where the Fluff Hulk will be sleeping north of this body of water.
    • On 10J we have it under a road passing by a garbage warehouse in the Kluppy Dunes, only our goal to kill is to the northwest sleeping.
    • The 11H we have it west of the Hulk's nest, then having to go west of the Benearth outpost in the direction of a pond.
    • We have 10F south of the Molyhole post, south of the heat zone.
    • On 9D we have it southwest of the Sparkplant following the train tracks we will get the Hulk.
    • The 4K takes us east of the granite outpost, making it necessary to go to the shipwreck on our map.
    • We are going to locate the 6L to the east of the H-Dos-O outpost in an archipelago.
    • The 10M can be guided by a marker to find it, but it does not appear on some occasions, but we have to go northwest of Blazebase through the Kluppy Dunes, on the west side of the road will be the Hulk.
    In this way we finalize our Biomutant guide, now you know Where to find Old World storage shelters, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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