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We invite you to discover How to get light and dark points, a new task in Biomutant.

What to know about Biomutant?

There are essential things that are presented in the game, among them, we have the aura, in case of wanting to go for the salvation objective for the tree of life, the light points are required, if we go for the evil we have the dark points, both come to influence our aura, the score in this makes us know the balance we have inside us, through all things this pair of halves become influential, which according to our decision in the dialogues and interaction with the Captives and civilians will be changing, apart from all this there is an independent score that is related to the aura of a child, which focuses on flashback situations, where we maintain control of the character as a child, being something important because we will be remembered According to our aura at that stage, now before all this it is ideal that we know how to obtain light and dark points, you just have to see the details of the following content.
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    How to get light and dark spots in Biomutant?

    The PSI powers that we will access will depend on our aura as well, something to consider is the PSI sizzling ball that will need 10 dark aura to be able to use it, even for the different tribes that exist in the game, the aura is a factor important, being the tribes of light points and those of dark, if we seek to be with one of the clear ones we can consider the Myriad tribe and if it is on the part of the dark ones, those of Jagni and Lotus, according to our decision it will depend on what happens. end of Biomutant, being the light points the good end and with the dark the bad end, let's see how to get light and dark points below:


    •  The Light points: one of the key points to consider is to provide help to an NPC that requires it, then we choose the appropriate option for it, thus achieving a point at least, a situation occurs in the old village where there is a captive nearby from Myriad's fortress, by helping him we will gain some clear points, other options that we can have in the dialogues are the light and dark sprites, so the choice must always be that of light, because we will win more amount of light points, something similar is presented to us at the beginning in the choice of color for the crossroads.
    • The dark points: to earn these dark aura points we simply avoid helping any NPC, only speak in rejection in all dialogue options, at the beginning of the game we can choose the option of dark red for the crossroads, which will give points.


    Knowing how to obtain light and dark points is interesting, because it allows us to unwind and have more fun in Biomutant.

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