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2021-06-02 19:29:26

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Today we are going to tell you how to beat Murk Puff in Biomutant, so pay close attention to what we have in this article.

What is Murk Puff in Biomutant?

He is about a Worldeater, one of the bosses that you can find in the game.

How to beat Murk Puff in Biomutant?

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Murk Puff's boss battle consists of three underwater phases, it brings three health bars and each of them represent different phases.

In the first phase it will charge you. So you must dodge this attack, the movement is telegraphed with its tail raised, and you must shoot missiles at the head.

In the second phase, he takes refuge in his shell to drop some mines in your direction. Use the Guppos against the mines, being away from them when they explode it will begin to resume the attacks that it made in the first phase and will combine some chewing attacks and a tail whip, continue with the process of dodging and using missiles on the head.

And phase 3 begins when he has one health bar left, Murk Puff will launch water that you must dodge and then create waves of water that you must continue dodging and firing missiles.

 After introducing you to this article on how to beat Murk Puff in Biomutant, we hope that you will manage to dodge the attacks in all three phases and be able to advance in the game.

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