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2021-05-28 08:45:00

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As we progress in Biomutant more searches arise, let's see where to find all the Mindmonitors.

What are the Mindmonitors in Biomutant?

  These are usually a kind of computers that we must locate while we are doing some exploration, this game allows us to carry out different searches and each one with specific objectives that allow us to be useful, in such a way that finding these Mindmonitor devices leads us to mobilize ourselves through different places.

Where to find all Mindmonitors in Biomutant?

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Today we bring you a Biomutant guide in which we will explain Where to find Whiz.

The amount of this type of artifact to be obtained is 5, until now we do not have any type of information related to it for which they can be used, however, it is necessary to locate them, the detail with them is that each one has a respective puzzle that we must solve, it is simple we must make the colors coincide in order to form a connection of nodes.


 Here are the Mindmonitor locations in Biomutant:


  •  Pingdish 3F: this is the first artifact that is usually necessary to find for this we must go to the ruins of the abandoned building to take a look under the ground, only that before achieving it it is vital to solve a puzzle of the top knob, for which It is necessary to have a white line at the top and a yellow line at the bottom, now, the second knob must be yellow at the top while at the bottom it must be white and to finish the last knob should be white at the top and yellow at the bottom, to later get the artifact on an underground table.
  • Planthut: we continue to search and this leads us to have to locate the glass building that is housed among a lot of trees, once located, we must solve the same puzzle as above.
  • Frozen Brickback: this is usually somewhat complex, since we must use the reference marker to find it underground, here it is necessary to solve the same puzzle as above.
  • Smoke foundry: this is usually housed in one of the cubicles of a desk in the abandoned building.
  • Ranchu Makeglow - This is the last one you usually need to find, usually found underground in the service area below the venue.


In general terms, knowing where to find all Mindmonitors allows you to do a very interesting search in Biomutant, give it a try.

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