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2021-06-07 09:22:09

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The action doesn't stop at Biomutant, so we'll explain where to find all the hulk fluff nest area objective.

What to know about the hulk fluff nest area objective in Biomutant?

This area is located in the eastern part of the map, through which a series of hidden objects are presented in the buildings present, it is important to have the water mount to be able to access this area, there are 4 pieces of these treasures that do not arrive To be complicated to reach them, what turns out to be difficult is their detection during our progress, so to have an idea of where to find all the hulk nest area objectives let's follow the content of this guide that comes next.

Where to find all the hulk fluff nest area objective in Biomutant?

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Today we bring you a Biomutant guide in which we will explain Where to find Whiz.

We will go directly to the 2 buildings that are abandoned near the lake, here we can access the first of the loot boxes, for this we go through the hole that is in the wall that corresponds to the building that is near the water, here we find a piece of Screwwisp, then we will go to the other building climbing the ledge of the 4th floor, here inside there is a chest that has a weapon mod, with these 2 pieces in our possession we will go to the open field that is when crossing the bamboo trees, having here in confrontation with Fluff Hulk, which has level 13, we should not suffer so much in combat, but it is appropriate to be prepared, considering to beat him from a distance, when we win we can find a key that he will release corresponding to a vault of the remaining pieces From the loot, now our focus will be old world 3G storage, once we are about 130 paces from the Fluff Hulk location we can know we are going in the right direction, here we go You have to use the key for the door, getting to find the last 2 loot boxes, in one of them is the backpack t the black and red tunic, the other contains a large energy pack and the small health pack, once let's see the purification mark in the lower left we are done.

In conclusion, knowing where to find all the hulk fluff nest area objective is great because we can get further into this interesting and moving Biomutant.

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