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The searches in Biomutant do not stop which allows you to indicate where to find all the Lumen Shrine.

What are lumen shrines in Biomutant?

Without a doubt, this game has a considerable amount of places to explore, and it is specifically necessary to know where to find all the lumen sanctuaries that are usually an exotic place, where there is the possibility of showing respect for what the gods can mean, these they are a kind of places of honor.

Where to find all the lumen shrines in Biomutant?

It is necessary to bear in mind that this task requires us to carry out a search for 6 different locations, not necessarily all of them can be very easy to find, others may take us a little more work, however, we are here to guide you and make this task a so much less complicated.
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Here are the shrine locations:


  •  Lumen 1: it is necessary to go to the coordinates X: 97981 Y: -93156, this is usually near Hobydunk in the Surfipelago area on the east side of the island.
  • Lumen 2: it is necessary to go to the coordinates X: 71544 Y: -61688, this is usually found in the Tribe Falloutline in the Surfipelago area.
  • Lumen 3: it is necessary to find it at the coordinates X: 41825 Y: -132031 this is also in the Surfipelago area.
  • Lumen 4: this is located at the coordinates X: 140387 Y: -61344, another sanctuary located in the Surfipelago area, only it is housed where the map ends.
  • Lumen 5: he is at the coordinates X: 102075 Y: -169250 which brings us to the town of Krossway 3G.
  • Lumen 6: this is located at the coordinates X: 78419 Y: -237906, it is necessary to be careful because we will have to make a journey through a mountain to get there, and during the journey there are some number of enemies, the place where it is located It is the Isle of Freek.

 Now that you know where to find all the lumen shrines, it's time to embark on this quest and tell us how Biomutant is going.

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