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In this Biomutant guide we will tell you everything you need to know about how to get water mounts.

What are the water mounts in Biomutant?

This is one of the most useful mounts in the game, as it will save you from having to uselessly swim to different locations. So if you want to know how to get water mounts this guide you should read.

How to get water mounts in Biomutant?

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    One of the first mounts you will find is the Googlide type, which you can obtain from the machine by talking to Goop as part of the mission line "The Soaked One"> he will ask you to enter a sewage tunnel to find some parts that will allow you to save the mount> once inside you will have to go to the corridor and access the first hatch on the right side to start the mission.

    After completing the rotation puzzle, the sewage will leak, so you will have to break the wall and advance through the sewer until you find a room with a level six Guerilla Miniboss and his minions, which you will have to eliminate to get hold of the Googlide Wrekbox parts that you will have to give to Goop in order to use Googlide.

    In order to access this quest line you will have to find Gill, who is on the Burblebottom dock. Gill will give you an escort task called "Clean Surf" for which you will have to kill some enemies and thus protect Gill. In the end there will be a boss fight on the road with a level 36 Snuddel so be prepared.

    After the big fight, Gill will give you the location of a kidnapped Gargantuan that wants to be rescued. This one is located southeast of the map in Fnackyleaves, where there will also be several Brug with two Brug Bulk Brutes ready to defend their prize, so make sure to finish them off quickly> then you will have to head to the back of the camp where you will find Pee -Wee Gargantua to free him and wear your armor.

    That's all you need to know about getting water mounts in Biomutant, we hope our article was as helpful as possible and helped you get this special mount quickly.

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