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Biomutant has interesting tasks for us, let's see How to beat the Jumbo Puff.

Who is the Jumbo Puff in Biomutant?

This is a large enough environment where there are several enemies, specifically it is necessary to know how to defeat the Jumbo Puff that is nothing more than a devourer of worlds, its intention to destroy the tree that protects the world, this is a boss that we must defeat , even though it may be a large creature, however, before venturing into these fights, we must have the Mekton robot.

How to beat the Jumbo Puff in Biomutant?

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    Once we get to the area where this boss is usually located, he will be in charge of destroying the buildings, this simply tends to do it after jumping to the root, it is necessary to dodge and proceed to hit him for this we require our Mekton kannon, It is also vital to wait for the distance, cut closed angles that allow us to execute shots which is favorable to keep us safe, this boss even when he receives a good dose of blows can become invulnerable, and will proceed to jump to the root again, this with the In order to make rocks fall on us, however, it is possible to dodge them, for this we need to use the Mekton dash and as soon as Jumbo Puff jumps off the ground again, dodge it with the Sqvips Kannon, it will only be enough to press the left trigger of the command, his objective will be to absorb us, but with this action he will not be able to achieve it.

    It is possible to shoot a furry creature to get this boss to stop attacking us, and to do it again, which makes it possible to reduce its health to two-thirds, however, this tends to alter it a bit more, since it will charge against us with a whip, fortunately avoiding it is possible, this means that it is necessary to launch ourselves to shoot, however, it will jump to the root again in order to throw more stones at us, in such a way that we know how to beat the Jumbo Puff It leads us to consider being in constant movement, to avoid being absorbed we can stop him with the Sqvips, and continue shooting him, then we will see that a cut scene is played indicating that he has barely a third of his health, however this boss will take care of grabbing us , take off the Mekton and swallow us.

    As we will be inside Jumbo Puff in this part of the fight in Biomutant we must focus on going up from the stomach through the nodules of the wall to a small tunnel, in addition to avoiding the liquids that can go down through it and reach the heart of this creature, it is necessary to take care of damaging it by eliminating any small creature that may attack us and dodging any liquid fluid that may be here, there is the possibility of falling to the stomach, which makes it necessary to climb again to reach the heart and continue working until the This boss's exit bar will drain completely and consequently we will be spit out of the beast because it will die.

     This is all you need to do to know how to beat the Jumbo Puff so that it is only necessary to keep attentive to each movement and fight with all our strength within the beast in Biomutant.

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