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Biomutant is a very lively game, and today he leads us to discover How to Fix Lags and Stuttering

What to know about Biomutant?

There will possibly be some occasions when problems arise, among which will be Lags and stuttering, among others, things to make the FPS fall, and it will be difficult to maintain the quality of the game, especially if we are in an RPG like this one that is very action, these problems happen for many reasons, now to understand How to Fix Lags and Stuttering we can take into account the following details of this guide, let's see.


How to Fix Lags and Stuttering in Biomutant?

There are many factors that become the cause of these problems, so in terms of a solution we can consider a series of options below to try, these are the following.
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    Clean boot: there are applications that get suspended, but the essential ones of Windows do not, so you have to try to start the game cleanly to see if these types of problems are solved.

    Driver update: this in relation to the graphics card, if the drivers are not up to date there may be a drop in FPS and stuttering occurs.

    The minimum system requirements: it is something basic to be able to have an optimal performance of the game, otherwise these kinds of errors occur, then we can choose to lower the configuration to solve it.

    The storage space: it is possible that after the installation of the game the space becomes limited, then this affects the performance, for which it is necessary to free up space, what we will do is the installation in the same unit of the operating system , we place the drawing distance of the world in low and in the same way by default to the skins, we adjust the video, we activate the dynamic resolution, we must deactivate the frame rate limit, lower the quality of the post-processing and anti-aliasing we went down too.

    Full screen mode: if we are in window mode it is possible of the presence of these errors, so we will go on to play in full screen.

    In case of not having reached anything with the previous options, we can still apply some specific adjustments to increase the general performance of the game, for this we have the details below.

    • Sharpness at 25
    • Vertical sync off
    • In native resolution
    • Dynamic resolution off
    • At 100 scale of resolution
    • Off frame rate limit
    • In custom the presets
    • High quality of texture
    • Lower shadow quality
    • Lower post-processing quality
    • On average the quality of effects
    • Average foliage density
    • In under the Anti-Aliasing
    • High detail of the object
    • By default, the skin detail
    • By default, the world drawing distance

    We can conclude that knowing how to Fix Lags and Stuttering is easier than we thought when following this content, you just have to apply it and continue with the fun in Biomutant.

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