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Find out where to find all Side characters in this excellent and explanatory guide to Biomutant.

What to know about the Side characters in Biomutant?

There is a trophy that makes us see the existence of 16 secondary characters, but there are 23 locations to which they correspond, to be able to find this it is necessary to defeat the fourth world-devourer to have free movement through the open world and reach all the locations, so to know where to find all Side characters let's see the following content of this guide.

Where to find all Side characters in Biomutant?

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    Losing them will not be possible as we progress, but after completing the story we can start a new game, with which we can continue free-roaming to solve where to find all Side characters, when we meet a new character a scene is presented in which we will see their name, we must speak with this to add it, we will see it reflected in our map with an icon, then knowing this we will see the locations in Biomutant for each of them, being necessary to go from south to north, let's see.


    •  Lump - This is found on the floating ship.
    • Gulp: we find it in Sinkidink and to get to it you need the Googlide that is obtained automatically in the Gumquacks history menu.
    • Goop: through the search mission we found the drenched in the subnautic station.
    • Gizmo: Through the mission the recycler we found him in Chugyard by Bricktown.
    • Klick: anywhere.
    • Moog: The Mekton is necessary as to where to find all the specific Side characters to be alive in a zone without oxygen corresponding to Steepdeepo, which is presented as part of the story in the search for Moog knows.
    • Boom: in Puffduff Bluff.
    • Pebble: on Knack Hill
    • Jumble: in Bullibull Glade
    • Chubsa: at Glurp Paddock
    • Trim: on Spurftop
    • Honki: on Sprill Slope
    • Out of time: once we defeat one of the world eaters we find him in the prologue and then in the main quest in Biomutant the master plan in the world tree.
    • Juju: in Faraway.
    • Myth: in Brightlight.
    • Noko: when the Gnoatgroomer is in the mission in Gnoat Pen.
    • Nova: in Watchout.
    • Whiz: During the main mission the Tinkertonker in Surgesurf Factory.
    • Gill: in Burblebottom.
    • Chu-Chu: at the end of the line.
    • Maya: in Hex Hut.
    • Lobo: at Blimp station.
    • Sun: out of town.

     We hope the information presented here on where to find all Side characters has been helpful to your progress in Biomutant.

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