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Guide to learn where to find the soccer stadium in Watch Dogs Legion

 The new game from Ubisoft has been in charge of retracting life in London at that time very well, and this also involves football fans of the time. Starting with word of a soccer field in the game, many are struggling to discover its exact location. So we are in our duty to teach you where to find it exactly.

Where to find the football stadium in Watch Dogs Legion?

The Oval Cricket Ground is most likely the highly acclaimed soccer stadium. Although the architecture does not quite align, the surrounding area does. It is difficult to be completely sure, as the sports stadium is under Albion's control and the field has been repurposed as a "European Processing Center" in the game.

Focusing on the location again, you are in the Lambeth district of London. Towards the southern end of Lambeth, a large round structure is clearly visible on the map - this is the sports stadium. There is an enlarged view of the soccer stadium map location above and a closer view just below.
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Sooner or later the player will have to go to this location because it will be placed as a mission, although in reality it is not clear if it is a stadium; If a user faces the mission at night, it is especially easy to get lost.

Visiting places in London, like the football field, is part of what makes Watch Dogs: Legion so enjoyable. Fun features like the spy car and unleashing swarms of bees like the beekeeper go a long way.

  Now that you know where to find the football stadium in Watch Dogs Legion you can go there for training or simply to complete the next missions that require this. Luck!

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